Mr. Mahesh Kumar is a successful businessman, along with their own work. He is very interested in social service, & working smoothly for society and public welfare.

He has been interested in social work since the beginning of their education period and have been against social evils and always been trying to raise voice over it.

He always wants to actively participate in the progress of the youth and the development of the society.

Since the time of their education, He always denying from the job profession, from the very beginning their trend has been towards doing their “own business”.

He always encouraging their classmates and friends for self-employment, and have started their own business with Dairy and have been looking forward to social work and reform for the successful bright future of the society. Through the ParivartanJankalyan platform, they are fully actively involved in the progress of youth, participating in the social welfare work areas of the society, &enhancing the public consciousness among the people. Besides this, they are keen to take society to new heights by various types of social programs and are fully empowered and working for it.

He has been taken the resolution that he is encouraging the youth of society to self-employment and simultaneously promoting employment by collecting more and more financial help information about the benefits of the schemes being run by the government.

To make the youth self-reliant and to get complete knowledge of public consciousness, they are benefitting people for awareness and public welfare program from time to timeby organizing seminars. He himself has seen many such incidents in the society, which is due to miscommunication, incomplete information, and no information and superstitions etc. just because of these kinds of things makes society backward, due to which the young generation and country have to suffer a lot.

So that he has been working to make the society and youth aware of the right information and has been motivating youth for self-employment to make the brightest & successful future of the society.

Due to this, our society will not have to struggle again with such difficulties in the future and we can fight it properly.

His important purpose is to give the right direction to youth power and to move the society forward to progress and eliminate the evils of society. For all these things, he is giving his full efforts & giving his level best to make society future brightest.

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