• To promote organic farming development and to organize training and workshops and conferences with activities related to it.
  • Health services in rural and urban areas; Working on family welfare, AIDS public consciousness vaccination postal feed women and child health-related issues.
  • Building awareness of water conservation and water supply and pond near tank water harbor water tank etc. in rural and urban areas
  • To promote self-employment and to do the creative work of the art and to conduct a training workshop related to the business of stitching embroidery rug, handicraft etc.
  • Promoting education; Establishment of school college vocational education centers; Technical education; Girls education; Women empowerment;
  • Promotion and promotion of plantation along with environmental improvement campaign
  • Promotion of cleanliness program in rural and urban areas
  • Promoting Rural Tourism Development; To disseminate the activities related to it;
  • To participate and work in the development and development of poor and helpless persons, financially weak and Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
  • Working for the protection of pastoral development horticulture.
  • Making awareness among people by conducting HIV / AIDS diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and leprosy cure etc.
  • Protecting cow, cow – protection
  • Obtaining loans from the financial institution when necessary for the smooth recovery of the purpose of the institution
  • In case of receipt of loan from any bank or financial institution, the assets of the institution will be entitled to the pledge in favor of the bank authority financial institution.
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