Parivartan Jan Kalyan is being actively involved in transforming the welfare of the society with a new thought and thinking in order to fully participate in the welfare of the society, the awareness of the country’s farmers and the development of the youth.


In the absence of information about various types of social evils, education, inequality, dirt and diseases by dirt, which spreads in society, takes on a formidable form. ParivartanJankalyantry to explain fully about the various important things by giving information briefly and giving a new direction to the society.


Our societyis stillkeeps the narrow thinking for women and girls. Women are still struggling with the problems like feticide, illiteracy, child marriage and dowry practices. ParivartanJankalyan is working smoothly for justice and their rights for change in public welfare.

In the agricultural sector we are tryingto reduce the use of toxic drugs and to organize a workshop for information on biological and scientific farming, which would make it more beneficial for farming, thereby increasing the income of farmers also.


More work related to the environment are being done, such as planting new trees, not cutting trees and giving information about the benefits and providing awareness and inspiring among people, providing self-protection information about the environment.


Promote new technologies, which can produce more in low cost and expenditure, promote farming as well as promote animal husbandry and milk production, and bring the agriculture sector to the full and new heights.


Encourage public awareness about the use of water conservation and awareness regarding the loss caused by it and providing its maximum benefits.

To promote self-employment, organize workshops for providing information related to handicrafts, small scale industries, for the full information and public awareness of public welfare schemes, government benefits, cooperation and support provided by the government.


In addition, it is fully involved in gathering full information about government schemes and giving information about government benefits and the right to use their benefits. By getting help from the government, its work has been taken on the path of progress of the society.


The help of injured persons in the accident & helping the victims, the poor, the orphans and the destitute, helping the victims of malnutrition, giving them honorable lives, so that the basic rights or needs like- roti(food), cloth, house, work Providing, medical help and education are fulfilled by our society.